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       First time-Monthly predictions in Numerology

    by First Woman Numerologist & First South-Indian Business                                  Numerologist-Trouble Shooter

        Dr.Rizhel Choudhary (Tanya Edupuganti)

2018-SEPTEMBER Month 

NUMEROLOGY Predictions

September is a turning point month where you’ll start feeling the inklings of your next phase and you have intense energy related to your Personal Year number.

BIRTH NUMBER-1 (Birth dates in any month -1,10,19,28) :

Work and career is paramount and needs to take priority.  you may have breakthroughs with a business prospect that you’ve been working on all year long..  Expect lots of important activity this month. If there’s been any time that’s ripe for action and moving ahead in a concerted and focused direction, this is it.  This is a month where issues in your past may reappear for review. This is the opportunity to put these reoccurring issues to rest—to resolve, forgive, dissolve, move on. Anything feeling like emotional shackles needs to be ripped away and thrown into the cosmic incinerator. This is a new era for you. Make it count.


BIRTH NUMBER-2 (Birth dates in any month -2,11,20,29) :

Love and romance can show up where you least expect them.  A new spiritual awareness around September 23rd may add an important piece of insight and further your development in whatever positive direction you feel you need a nudge.  The double 2 energy brings a desire for peace and quiet. Life moves around you as usual, yet you’ll be tested this month in your ability to remain detached yet loving. Keep this list of words on a piece of paper inside of your wallet. Whip it out and re-read it when you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed: patience, cooperation, partnership, diplomacy, love, emotional sensitivity, relationship, and intuition.


BIRTH NUMBER-3 (Birth dates in any month -3,12,21,30) :

This is a make-or-break moment for you where you’re faced with making and acting on some profound choices that can have a lasting effect on what you’re creating in you.  Optimism. Expansion. Creativity. Emotional self-expression. You’re getting all of this in spades. The joyful energy of the 3 is doubly upon you right now, so enjoy every minute of it. If you’re in the groove you’re feeling empowered, vital, energized and living with passionate purposer life.    It’s a turning point—a tipping point where you have the choice of moving toward living and fulfilling your purpose or living unfulfilled because of the inability to trust your inner guidance.


BIRTH NUMBER-4 (Birth dates in any month -4,13,22,31) :

The work you do this month is extremely important. The double 4 vibration creates a significant turning point in your life, even though the focus of the change might not be immediately apparent. On or about September 4th, be ready to build or firm up some foundations prior to further development of one or two important enterprises. It’s all about focusing on the work that needs to be completed and tackling everything with the utmost organization and efficiency. Get organized. Make practical down-to-earth choices and maintain a systematic approach to all needing to get done. The loose ends that have been hanging around for a long time should also be put to bed this month.


BIRTH NUMBER-5 (Birth dates in any month -5,14,23) :

If sudden shifts, unexpected twists and turns, and profound opportunities scare you—then you might want to cover your eyes this month. Action must be taken. Indecision, be damned. If you’re in denial or refuse to deal with these issues, you’re preventing the very thing that you actual want—a new and different life for yourself.

The thing is: You’re faced with the necessity to make changes that have been scaring you, so you’ve been putting them off and placing them on the back burner. The energy of the 5 (which you’re feeling with double intensity) thrives on constructive change, progressive movement, and the focused manifestation of all things freedom-related. This is your chance to shift your reality to be in more alignment with the real you.


BIRTH NUMBER-6 (Birth dates in any month -6,15,24) :

It’s time to make the dream a reality. Set the date. Start interviewing photographers. Talk about a venue. The energy of the 6 is all about children—whether you have any of your own or not.

If you don’t have children in your life, explore some activities that bring out the kid in you. If your communication is clear and your feelings expressed openly and honestly, this can be a very special time for everyone involved. If you’re married, it may be a time to renew and rekindle those wonderful romantic feelings.  If you’re contemplating marriage, you may want to start discussing something like a solid plan, possibly during the week of September 5th.


BIRTH NUMBER-7 (Birth dates in any month -7,16,25) :

You may receive special spiritual understanding that’ll clarify your general outlook on life, particularly during the week.  This is the time to fine-tune your efforts. While the energy is moving toward manifesting in the physical world, you’re still not quite there yet. So patience is required. You have a lot percolating inside of you right now.  Your time by yourself can be particularly meaningful and contribute immeasurably to your faith, trust, and inner peace of mind.  If you’ve spent time with private research, study, or solitary creative endeavors, this is the month where you’ll potentially start seeing results


BIRTH NUMBER-8 (Birth dates in any month -8,17,26) :

Now you can come face-to-face with great financial rewards, windfalls, or sudden losses, possibly during the week of September 23rd.

You can’t overestimate the important juncture you’re now entering into in your life’s journey. It’s an important year and an important month to come to terms with your sense of empowerment in every aspect of your life.  You’ll be called upon to commandeer every ounce of organization, management, and verve you can muster.  You’ve been working hard all year, so it’s time to stop and bask in your accomplishments. Move forward dramatically with all the power at your command. You’ll be called upon to commandeer every ounce of organization, management, and verve you can muster.


BIRTH NUMBER-9 (Birth dates in any month -9,18,27) :

This is a month where you have a permission slip to take the time to go over your life’s journey and take stock.   Take an inventory of how you love, how you’ve been loved, and how you want to love. Make a list of your passions, your sense of purpose, your fears, your regrets, your mistakes, your triumphs.

As these doors are closing, a new door is slowly opening now to introduce you to a new and different level of experience.   How sweet it is to arrive at new place for the first time. The future stretching out in front of us like a clean, white carpet. There’s the stir and rustle of endless possibility in the air.”The partings that you’ve initiated throughout the year continue through the end of September and beyond. Around September 28th you’ll begin to feel the dust settling. You’ll have some sense that you’ve completed an important phase of experience.